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Writhing Tongue DVD
King Of The Witches

Writhing Tongue DVD

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"Masako, a five-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Chiba, gets a tiny scratch on her finger while playing with mud in a marsh. After that, she suffered all kinds of horrible spasms including biting her tongue. The doctor checks on her for hours on end and arrive at the conclusion that she has tetanus. It seems like the devil has come to dwell in the little girl’s body. Her parents have to to bear the sufferings of their child and face the fear that they might also be the victims of tetanus. The once peaceful family has changed completely and the three have been cast into a bottomless hell." - TMDB

"One of the most harrowing films I've seen in a long while! A young child contracts tetanus after cutting her finger when playing outside. Thus begins her long and painful downward spiral of relentless seizures and blood curdling screams, as her parents watch on helplessly, while also fearing they may have also contracted the disease. 

Not a horror movie per se, but more horrific than most. Highly recommended if you can find a copy!" - Gerorist On Letterboxd

"I can't imagine how much pain the parents are suffering. Seeing their child going throught hell in fact of a heavy desease, is really a horrible situation!" - Broken English On Letterboxd

"The film tells the story of a husband and wife who has a daughter, and their daughter is exposed to tetanus.

I thought this film would be a monster body horror film like Tetsuo but it wasn't. Although there is still horror, the drama is still thicker in this film. But I could say that the drama and horror genres were merged into one because the scenes that could be considered horror still didn't stay away from drama and didn't make the film scary.

Apart from the film that didn't meet my initial expectations, it turned out to be one of my best film viewing experiences this year. It was like found a gem. Truly a typical film I love, a drama full of emotions that could bring tears to my eyes and I'll explain later below.

What is certain is that this film feels realistic and relatable, at the beginning when Masako bit her tongue, the reactions from her father and mother really matched what parents would do in the real world.

Maybe the horror in this film tends to be more psychological, like the moment when the film starts to get into the 2nd act, Masako doesn't recover and is getting longer in the hospital, moreover, we will often be shown the moment when Masako had convulsions and as time went by; like her parents, I also getting tired and her parents psychologically began to slowly disturbed.

With the longer Masako was treated, making the hope to see her recover becoming more and more blurry, to the point that Masako's parents cried because they were mentally tired, but I was touched, they were good parents and still chose to keep taking care of Masako, standing by her side, guarding the shrinking hope.

And when the film began to reach its ending without realizing it, my tears flowed because I was touched and satisfied with the result of Masako's parents' patience in facing the tragedy that befell them.

Overall, this a masterpiece." - Some Dude On Letterboxd