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Wicked Wife DVD
King Of The Witches

Wicked Wife DVD

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"At first there’s a trail of mysterious killing by a girl who seems able to turn into a tiger, then there’s a wizard who uses as weapon some poisonous centipedes. The victims must be immediately buried or, as the wizard says, “they return as ghosts”. Then a multitude of subplots including a whorehouse, body doubles, some martial arts fighting and a song…" - TMDB

"Taiwanese black magic fu snoozer with a centipede-flicking villain, a hero with a whip and a girl protected by tigers. Despite that, this is a confusing/overlong/talky drama with only brief bouts of fighting or wizardry. Go watch BEWITCHED (1981) or SEEDING OF A GHOST (1983) instead." - Some Wimp On Letterboxd (We carry both of their suggested films.)


"I want to thank God give me the centipede. Also wantings to thanks God for hideous Taiwanese subtitle. Multitude of laughings I've viewing otherwise very shameful supernatural horror picture of black magic, cock blood, and insect pukes. You've to view immediate if desiring of exquisite crap." - Some Dude Who Can't Type, But Is Enthusiastic From The Internet