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Why Do They Do It? DVD

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Why don’t you? This seminal documentary by Dutch directorial power couple Eberhard Kronhausen & Phyllis Kronhausen, known for their work on documentaries that focus on the sexual side of human nature, is not a far step from their other content... other than it’s focus on the more bizarre, deviant ways...

Infamous for its prominent use of footage from the exploits of Dutch actress and animal rights activist Bodil Joensen, and all around groundbreaking for breaching the surface of the Denmark's sexual revolution, Why Do They Do It? is a classic example of the gritty side of the 'real life' side of early exploitation cinema. 

For the uninitiated, you'll have to watch or at least do your own research to figure it out. But Bodil Joensen was the patron saint of the charmingly disgusting. Her story, almost too sad to retell ten thousand times, is best documented in The Dark Side Of Porn. Which we also have available. 

This is generally considered tame faire compared to the content being churned out around the world in this day and age. But put yourself in the seat in 1971 and imagine seeing some of these things for the first time ever... Before people were desensitized. Before there was an internet to tell you that these things happen. Though old, the world was still fresh and young. Cinema was just about to get it's traction and change forever.