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Unfaithful Wife: Shameful Torture DVD
King Of The Witches

Unfaithful Wife: Shameful Torture DVD

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Hisayasu Sato...put Issei Sagawa in a movie? Why am I surprised by that?


"Erotic drama set in an underground Tokyo club called The Bedroom, where the female clientele are drugged into a trance-like state and are subjected to different styles of bizarre, fetishistic sex by the male clientele." - IMDB


"Surreal, fantasy in the "pink cinema" genre, exploring serious themes of voyeurism, alienation and perversion. Former actress Kyoko is miserable in her cold marriage, ignored by her lover, and obsessed with filming and being filmed. The boundaries of real and imagined are blurred more and more as she starts experimenting with the impersonal sexual rituals and hallucinogenic drug that may have killed her sister." - IMDB