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Turtle Vision: Hidden Video Report DVD
King Of The Witches

Turtle Vision: Hidden Video Report DVD

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"Once Yue, being still a young schoolgirl, was subjected to brutal rape on the roof of her own school. Slightly matured, she became a prostitute and began to cruelly avenge all members of the masculine gender, for her sadistic pleasure." - IMDB

"A deranged woman gouges out the eyes of the strangers she has sex with. She was once filmed being brutally raped on the roof of her school and is still trying to cope with the trauma." - TMDB

"Fucking adore this. bleak as hell mixtape of voyeuristic sex scenes captured on fuzzed-out analog video, somehow both unsettling and occasionally titillating. a chamber piece on the trauma of a trio of unreadable, disconnected youths viewing the vicious world through a lens instead of their dead beady eyes." - Alex on Letterboxd, Apparently A Customer, Shout Out To You.

"Somehow, your videos make me feel like I'm really doing the peeping myself. I feel something from your films. I don't really know what it is, but you are the best cameraman."

"It's something like an 'image-video,' but it directly influences the human subconsciousness. It opens what we could refer to as the hidden door deep within the heart."

the essence of Satō's cinema in two quotes. trauma formalized in video fog, the apparatus of cinema conflated with the body, our complexes and eroticism become cybernetic." - Some Weirdo On Letterboxd