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King Of The Witches

Tribulation 99 DVD

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“rewatch note 00:05:41--"as a self defense measure, president truman sets up the central intelligence agency to intercept, decipher & document Q communications"[pic of CIA seal, psyops patch]

wonder what it means this '91 release barely mentions any specific dates (jfk got lonegunmanned in "1963") but makes sure to loudly pronounce the chilean coup/allende's removal as "SEPTEMBER 11th" 1973, prob nothing......“ - Some Dude On Letterboxd 


“"Saw that in a movie [...] Some of that was true."
-They Might Be Giants, Last Wave (2018)
David Blair gets high on his own supply, starts believing the insanities he spouted in Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among The Bees, and uses those theories to provide a far less rational explanation for U.S. intervention in South America, because it's far easier to swallow than the truth. Imagine that, and you're one step closer to understanding what the experience of watching Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America is like. This thing is furious, coating the honest and seething anger with a shell of counterfactual alien/ghost/vampire psychic craziness. Reminds me a lot of Nardwuar The Human Serviette's early political journalism, where he'd invent a punk band just to contextualize him asking the prime minister if pepperspraying protesters is acceptable. Seeing this as a dodgy VHS rip tucked away in that dark corner of the internet known as Vimeo feels like an ideal way to experience it, although I look forward to seeing a proper copy soon.“ - Some Other Dude On Letterboxd 


“Baldwin uses conspiracy theories tied to premillennialist theology to create a narrative sci-fi tale told through a seemingly infinite collage of stock/found footage. His narration is perfect, with sly jokes and clever references placed throughout the script. The final product is a wonderfully clever and playful cinematic experiment.” - Another Letterboxd Film Expert