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Trash Packs
King Of The Witches

Trash Packs

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Trash Packs are a series of 150 packages featuring low budget films selected by a handful of customers based on years of research into shot on video and no budget cinema. Each pack contains between two and five films, with the most common packages containing three. 14% are two packs, 2% are 5 packs. 84% are 3 packs. There’s irrelevant math for you. For both of our sakes, please buy them in order. If you buy one, start at the first. If you buy five start from the first and buy up to the fifth, etc etc. If you buy seven packs message me before committing and I’ll send you a discount code. We are currently working on a subscription based process for these, but that is in the works and when or if it pans out, we can start from the package that you most recently got. So if you’re at Pack 195-197, your first subscription Pack will be 198-200.