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Three Days Of A Blind Girl DVD
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Three Days Of A Blind Girl DVD

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Mrs. Ng, who is left temporarily blind after an operation. Second day, her husband takes off to Macau for a few days. Soon afterwards, Sam, a former patient shows up, with sinister motives.” - IMDB

“This is kind of a sexier version of "Wait Until Dark", but the woman here is only temporarily blind from surgery, she has only a single male assailant, and the assailant's motives may have something to do with her unfaithful surgeon husband who is away on a business trip.

I'm not sure if this is an actual Category III Hong Kong film, but if so, it is definitely one of the tamer ones I've seen. It does feature two Hong Kong film legends (and a third--Fruit Chan--has a small role as a thief and potential rapist). The main attraction is Eurasian heavy Anthony Wong from "The Untold Story" and "The Ebola Virus", who plays the creepy stranger who shows up unexpectedly at the blind woman's villa and befriends her before eventually revealing his true and much more sinister motives. Wong is much more restrained than usual, but he is also genuinely scary. The best scene is when he
slips into the shower with the blind woman and silently pantomimes washing her nude body without quite letting on he's there. It's a scene that is both very creepy and funny. The other attraction is the beautiful Veronica Yip. Her role here doesn't compare to her other Category III work in terms of sheer exploitation value. She may not wind up actually raped and/or murdered here, and her shower scene, while certainly very enjoyable, doesn't compare in sheer gratuitousness to the 11-minute(!) shower scene she has in "Pretty Woman". But she is positively stunning and certainly is given a lot more opportunity to act than in most her other films.

The end is a little prolonged and goes into the usual "indestructible psycho" territory, but it's definitely a fun little film. It actually seems like kind of a missed opportunity that none of the countless American "erotic thrillers" of this era ever thought to mine the "Wait Until Dark" plot, but then I doubt the actors in those were talented enough to really pull it off anyway. But if you want to see a more erotic version of the Audrey Hepburn classic (even if it's pretty weak tea for Cat III), this is your chance.” - Some Dude On The Internet