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The Untold Story 2 DVD
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The Untold Story 2 DVD

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"An unhappily married couple invite the wife's cousin, who comes from Mainland China, to live with them. She has a horrible way of overcoming hardship and becomes the master of the barbecue." - IMDB


"For fans of the original UNTOLD STORY hoping for a worthy follow-up to that landmark CATIII sickie - the UNTOLD STORY 2 will more than likely be a disappointment. Those that can judge it on it's own merits as a "stand-alone" film may get more out of it.

The storyline follows Cheung, a geeky and timid restaurant owner whose wife, Kuen, cheats on him. When Kuen's cousin Fung comes to town, things get hairy when Cheung begins an affair with her. Turns out that Fung is a bit of a whackadoo, and decides that she will do anything necessary to keep Cheung all to herself...

Obviously, THE UNTOLD STORY 2 was made simply to cash in on the success and notoriety of the original film - but it definitely can't hold a candle to its predecessor. There's a passable amount of nudity, and some gore, but not nearly as strong or memorable as some of the more notable scenes in the original. That said, this is still a pretty solid CATIII film, which actually surprises me a bit because I was expecting it to REALLY blow. Overall, the performances are solid by all involved, and genre favorite Anthony Wong has a supporting role as a cop who is friends with Cheung and his family, but starts getting suspicious when odd things begin happening around the restaurant. There is some of the humor present that was also noticeable in the original, but it isn't quite as overdone as in the first film, which is a good thing. Definitely recommended to the CATIII enthusiast - but again, just don't expect anything as exceptional as the original...7/10" - Some Dude On The Internet


"Though the original Untold Story is one of my favourite CAT IIIs, I never thought to bother with its pseudo-sequels. They seemed to have little to do with the original outside of a vague thematic connection and, more damningly, they were from the post-Golden Age of CAT III of the late 90s. But The Untold Story 2 surprised me. It's not awful. Perhaps it was my low expectations, but I found myself enjoying it a lot.

The story follows Cheung (played the hilariously named Emotion Cheung), a hard-working restaurateur, and Kuen (Faan Yeung), his wife and bane of his existence. When Kuen's attractive cousin Fung (Paulyn Sun) shows up, Cheung's life is thrown into a spin and he finds himself having a steamy affair. But Fung is not as sweet as she seems, as Cheung finds out when she murders his wife and feeds her hacked up corpse to his patrons as tasty barbecued meat. Lucky for Cheung, one of his regulars is an incompetent but good natured cop (Anthony Wong), who knows something is up.

Untold Story 2 has a fun cast. I assumed Anthony Wong's role would be nothing more than a cameo, but he gets a lot of screen time and appears to be having a blast in his goofy role. Sun is also excellent as the psychotic Fung. She's genuinely likeable before she flips, and genuinely disturbing once she does. But the real stand out is Cheung as... um... Cheung. There's a naturalism to his performance that really had me feeling for him.

If assessed only on its CAT III goodies, Untold Story 2 is somewhat lacking in its sex and violence quota. But its few moments of brutality are reasonably gruesome and well executed, especially in its electric-knife-wielding finale and a repulsive barbecued human eating montage. The best thing about Untold Story 2 is, unlike many of its contemporaries, it's watchable in its less offensive moments. Take my praise lightly though. This has got nothing on the unhinged original. But it's consistently entertaining with a few great moments." - Some Dude On The Internet