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The Many Adventures Of Joe Christ DVD Set
King Of The Witches

The Many Adventures Of Joe Christ DVD Set

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"Arriving as part of a later wave of the Cinema of Transgression, Joe Christ’s films exploit and explore dementedly offensive human behavior. Following in the tradition of John Waters and The Kuchar Brothers, Christ’s films wallow in extreme sicko humor and strange people behaving badly. After a short stint as a rock musician, Joe began making his own disturbing films and applying the rock and roll approach of touring with his films. This way he generated as much publicity as possible with his taste challenging productions.

His first three films were produced with almost no budget and, like similar filmmaker Nick Zedd, the films border as much on tedium as they do bad taste. Ultimately, Christ’s goal is to show you something that you world never have seen before and he has certainly succeeded!

SPEED FREAKS WITH GUNS was one of Joe’s first films. Based on various tweakers he’d known in Texas, Joe plays the film’s main character Joe Speedfreak. Much of the picture’s running time consists of Speedfreak delivering an amped up and disjointed monologue. He also narrates footage of a couple of troublemaking women on a crime spree, plus there’s some nudity and violence along the way. While the dialogue is frequently as annoying as a real life meth-head’s babble, SPEED FREAKS WITH GUNS has a home movie charm, especially the crime spree footage.

On the other hand, CRIPPLED is boring and essentially unpleasant for unpleasantry’s sake. A quadriplegic woman lies around being teased and tormented by her caretakers. Eventually, Joe shows up and drops his trousers for some easy loving. The movie features gratuitous menstrual blood and a central performance that rivals Edith Massey on the annoyo-meter. CRIPPLED is perhaps most reminiscent of John Waters’ work, except that it’s without much in the way of laughs and the static camera work is just plain boring.

ACID IS GROOVY KILL THE PIGS is the best of the bunch and expands on the “troublemaking women killing spree” plotline. It also makes the best use of Christ’s dark sense of humor. Based on an actual murder where masked killers allegedly massacred a family (a story that was fabricated by the father who actually committed the crimes), the Manson-esque quality of the story works well with Christ’s scuzzball world of druggies and weirdoes." - The Internet

His first effort was Communion In Room 410, here's a colorful review of that:

"Joe Christ and a couple of girls are sitting at a table. A painting of the other Christ is hung behind them. It’s like the last supper or something, Christ(Joe, not Jesus) is flanked by these two punky goth looking girls. He first cuts the one on the right, she bleeds into a cup and he and the one on the left drink it. Then he has the one on the right cut the one on the left and they suck the blood directly from her arm. They eat bread and he continues to cut this girl and suck on her nipples and make out with the other one. Cut, bleed, drink blood, make out, eat bread, repeat. This goes on forever. 

I would like to think that there was some kind of religious meaning behind this shit, and there very well could have been, but I don’t know, man. It was a mess. 

This film had no real value. It was real trash. Everything about it was ugly and filthy feeling. 

I saw breasts that I would never want to see otherwise and they were getting sliced with a razor. They were attached to this fat girl who was identical to this girl hat I went to school with from kindergarten all the way to highschool. She lived in the projects. She overdosed a week or two ago. Rip. 

It really reminded me of the worst people I know. Joe Christ seems like he would jerk off in his hand and fling it at people in highschool. He’s just a creepy fuck. 

I really like that stuff like this can exist and that he existed as a filmmaker and he didn’t give a fuck about anything. He was an artist and he was a punk and he did what he wanted and was relentless. God bless him. 

That all being said, this was junk. Real junk. I didn’t need to see it and I never need to see it again. 

The soundtrack was really cool though." - Letterboxd

Blood, Sex & Mutilation 1&2:

"Joe Christ hosts a series of documentary segments (in full cassock, natch) concerning physical debasement as transformation/reclamation of the body, featuring Genesis P-Orridge and his wealth of genital piercings, Tattoo Mike nailing his tongue to a wooden board and fucking around with bear traps, a fairly boring segment with a couple of porno personalities and some needle play, and an anonymous man who boasts the pros of his willful castration. A true messiah to the real freaks of the world or a permatripping sleazemonger or most likely both. Mamas don’t let your babies grow up watching Todd browning and John waters" - Some Dude On Letterboxd

Amy Strangled A Small Child:

"Amanda B. James is Amy, a severely disturbed, insecure young woman with a lot of gross habits. Joe Christ is her film-student friend who’s been interviewing her for his graduation project. After it occurs to both of them that Amy has nothing really interesting to say about her life, she concocts a story of a “repressed-memory” flashback in which she’d murdered a playmate as a youngster. Is she telling the truth? Either way, she’s out of her mind…" - TMDB

My Struggle:

"In My Struggle we have Amish men who are so inbred that they've taken to kidnapping female tourists who the Amish hope will help dilute their stagnant gene pool. To achieve this objective, the kidnappers use rape, but only after the victims are forced to wear Halloween-type sheep masks. I'm in the movie as well, as a wacky Gulf War vet who lives in an attic and tries to pass off paint-by-number pieces to galleries as his own work. His life story is very similar to Hitler's, though instead of attempting to conquer Europe, my character ends up "rescuing" kidnapped tourists." - Joe Christ

That's Just Wrong:

"A 'love story' about a predatory stalker who moves into the suburban Atlanta townhouse of his victim, making himself at home. The bizarre dynamic between the uninvited house guest and his unwilling roommate swings back and forth, and a relationship develops between the pair."


Alive In The City:

This is a live show of Joe Christ's punk band, Los Reactors, back together after 20 years.



Set Includes:


Speed Freaks With Guns


Acid Is Groovy Kill The Pigs

Communion In Room 410

Blood, Sex & Mutilation

Blood, Sex & Mutilation 2

Is It Snuff? You Decide!

Amy Strangled A Small Child

My Struggle

That's Just Wrong

Alive In The City