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The Killing Of Satan DVD
King Of The Witches

The Killing Of Satan DVD

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“If I ever wrote a book about Filipino genre movies I would call it "Guns and Rosaries." This one also has snakes, rotoscope effects, and a bit of music from Brian Eno's Ambient 4: On Land. This is as deeply weird of an unlicensed music cue as all of the Neu on the Master of the Flying Guillotine soundtrack.” - Some Dude Named Laird On Letterboxd


“There is no better depiction of Satan than this masterpiece.” - Some Other Dude On Letterboxd


”What the fuck…” - Some Woman On Letterboxd 


“Total blast with continuous surprises from start to finish. Getting added to my list of Mustachioed Men Fighting Cults , as a mustachioed man inherits powers from his uncle to fight Satan and his cult of followers.” - Some Dude On Letterboxd Who Digs Mustaches