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The German Chainsaw Massacre DVD
King Of The Witches

The German Chainsaw Massacre DVD

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“Everything has an ending, only the sausage has two!

The only Texas Chain Saw Massacre remake.“ - Some Dude On Letterboxd

“I certainly wouldn't want to disparage the spirit of the Reunification and what it means to many people, but I'm very much in tune with Schlingensief's anarchic renunciation of lazy identitarian ideology in service of the 'free market'. This film is hilarious. Just read that blurb. A psychotic Hinterwäldler butcher cult running around with chainsaws shrieking parliamentary rhetoric and being nonstop random for a whole hour in an abandoned factory backlot. The second part of a trilogy begun with the similarly deranged 100 Years of Adolf Hitler, this continues to build on the same actionist anti-structure dealing with the uncontainable 'excesses' in unrepresented interiorities as a performative. Schlingensief had watched bootleg copies of Hooper's TCM 1&2 and decided to literalize their veiled political metaphors in the immediate wake of the East/West fusion. But don't be fooled by the title and inspiration. This film is pure nonsense, like a very sick person's home video. Dirt-cheap, grungy, gross, loaded with backyard fx, Irm Hermann as a shrill border-guard, a grotesque Volker Spengler appears out of nowhere in a raincoat braining people with bricks, Alfred Edel pretends to be his dead dad Norman Bates-style, Susanne Bredehöft's maniacal bondage lesbian slurps on low-cost East German sausages and Udo Kier caterwauls Big Spender whilst setting himself on fire. Idk, this hot garbage just does it for me I guess.” - Another Dude On Letterboxd 

“it's funny how much it resembles a tobe hooper movie, albeit filtered by an anarchic, distanced gaze, where cinema conventions become obsolete to account for the absurd twists of history. as if to deliver a devastating reflection on german reunification it was also precise to formulate another aesthetic form, excessive in its presentation but that assumes the traumas of the nation, without hiding them under a reconciliation observed from an always healthy critical distance. what remains is the caricature, the slogans devoid of meaning and the predation necessary to survive under the rules of the free market” - One More Dude On Letterboxd