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King Of The Witches

The Flying Luna Clipper DVD

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"A trip on a chartered plane with a number of other thrill-seekers (most of whom are anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables) and hop from island to island, each of which offer their own unique visual delights." - IMDB

" 'Everything is True in Your Dreams.'

8-bit computer animation about an airplane that flies a bunch of anthropomorphic fruit and one snowman around the world so they can fulfill their dreams. Stops in various exotic locations where we're subject to nonsensible dream sequences featuring experimental video art. Like naked babies just falling down over and over and over again with a turtle swimming in water and an divers jumping into the sky. What the fuck kind of fantasy is that? Is that really what Snowmen dream of? In the end we discover that the airplane was actually a giant pelican. This has got to be the weirdest shit I've ever seen, and I don't throw that around often. It may also be my new favorite movie." - Queen Scumbalina On Letterboxd(Follow her, one of the best with obscure films on threre)

"This helped me process some trauma related to winged banana flight attendants" - Someone Else On Letterboxd