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King Of The Witches

Someone Is Watching Me (Turkish The Shining) DVD

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“Translated as Someone’s Watching Me, this movie is better known in the U.S. as the Turkish version of The Shining. A writer brings his wife and daughter to a remote island hotel — instead of the Overlook — to inspire his writing. Of course, the last writer who stayed there killed his whole family, so things don’t look like they’re going to go all that well.

While Stanley Kubrick spent $15 million on his film, Ömer Uğur spent around $15. What does that get you? Handwritten credits on cardboard, that’s what it gets you. It also gets you Tarick Tarkan as Hulki, which I guess is Turkish for Jack Torrance and Selin Dilmen as Leman, who was a model and probably too attractive to be the Shelley Duvall Wendy analog, but let’s be nice. Their child is named Ufuk and yes, he does wear a sweater and no, it does not have an Apollo rocket on it.”  - bandsaboutmovies

“A disorienting experience, where The Shining is stripped to its basics, stripped of subtext and subtlety and ends up becoming a piece of savage pulp, with a brutal ending that is oddly effective in its stark simplicity. Those music cues from Psycho are so jarring it’s almost funny though.” - Some Dude On Letterboxd

”The “Turkish Shining” is not very good but makes some genuinely interesting choices that make it worthwhile for fans of the story - removing all the supernatural aspects from the story including the psychic child, setting it on a remote island resort instead of a snowed-in mountain, and adding a left field ending that I rather dug. 

The dad here is a crime writer with macabre tendencies, King probably would have appreciated that he’s much less obviously unhinged from the start than Nicholson, though naming your rage monster antagonist “Hulki” is a little bit on the nose.

Also, the kid in this wears the most insanely bulky jacket I’ve ever seen. He looks like George Costanza in his puffy coat.“ - Another Dude On Letterboxd