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Snake Sisters DVD

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Man. I don't know what the deal with this one is, but there's a ton of hype around it. 


At first glance, Snake Sisters seems to be the story of three women, living primitively, stranded on a desert island somewhere in Indonesia. But once you dig a little deeper, the sisters are anything but normal... Hatched from three magical eggs, the snake girls come of age in this bizarre film that could only come from the Philippines. It’s normal for snake girls to get their periods, ya know.

The Philippines were, and still are, rife with wild cinema. Lots of folk lore, ghosts, witches, demons, ghouls, you get it. A lot of people don't bother with these lesser known titles because they're just not educated in the whole underbelly of Pinoy cinema. But really, if you're a nerd for films, you should take the deep dive.