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Satanic Rally 8-8-88 DVD
King Of The Witches

Satanic Rally 8-8-88 DVD

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"The 8/8/88 rally was a gathering together of some of the greatest minds of the Satanic revolution: Zeena Lavey (daughter of CoS founder Anton LaVey), Adam Parfrey who published for Feral House books, Nikolas Schreck of the Abraxas foundation and Radio Werewolf, and Boyd Rice of NON. It was highly ritualized in nature, and centered around a sort of reaffirmation of the "riding forth" ritual conducted on the eve of the Tate murders in 1969."

"Many of the individuals featured in this rally are well known figures in occult, industrial music, underground film, and subversive literature subcultures.  Nikolas Schreck is probably best known for his death rock group "Radio Werewolf" and his documentary "Charles Manson Superstar."  Schreck would later renounce Manson and most of his former beliefs.  Boyd Rice is probably best known for his industrial muzak project "NON."  Boyd has also created films (Black Sun) and has starred in various films (Pearls Before Swine, Iconoclast).  Adam Parfrey owns the fairly well known publishing company Feral House which publishes books on "forbidden information" (Lords of Chaos, American Hardcore, Apocalypse Culture); many of which have been adapted into films (Ed Wood, American Hardcore documentary).  Zeena LaVey is the daughter of deceased Church of Satan High Priest and Founder Anton LaVey.  Shortly after the 8/8/88 Rally, the participates had a bitter falling out (which makes the documentary all the more interesting).  Zeena LaVey disowned her father and moved to Germany with her husband Nikolas Schreck.  Both she and Schreck would later heavily criticize the Church of Satan.  Zeena even disowned her father Anton (calling him her "un-father")."

Bonus: Pre-rally interview with Boyd Rice.  Includes interviews and music by Boyd Rice, Radio Werewolf, and the Secret Chiefs, as well as about a dozen other ambient and experimental bands.