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Satan Place DVD
King Of The Witches

Satan Place DVD

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“Nobody ever said starting over was easy... Sally wants a new life but she may get more than she bargained for in... SATAN PLACE. It’s a very nice town to visit... ...but you wouldn’t want to die there!”

"This is a feminist horror anthology, in which the beautiful bleach-blonde Stephanie Spencer fields a series of crude remarks from belching, T-shirt-wearing, pickup-driving character actors, then watches them die in grisly blood-spurting closeups after being visited by zombies, so that in the big final story of the video, she can dress up in black lingerie, tie her weenie boyfriend to the bed, and summon a demon into her body, if you know what I mean and I think you do. But the best story on the tape, “Too Much TV,” stars Lisa Hatter as a girl who watches a slasher-movie host on cable all day, figuring out ways to kill her sarcastic mother Sonja Etzel, while we watch B-movie parodies like “Don’t Go Into the Kitchen,” “Bathroom Bullies,” “Pretty Girl Floyd,” “Nursing Home Revenge,” and “Missouri Mop Massacre.” - TMDB


Okay, Satan Place wasn't quite the Melrose Place of horror I had built up in my head (c'mon, it said soap opera from hell right in the title!), but still makes for a pretty out there SOV anthology nightmare. The dingy bare-walled atmosphere, the reckless imagination, plenty of do-it-yourself blood-splatter 'n' gore, and the acting... oh god, the acting, it's too perfect! The stories are some real weirdo wonders with Disposable Love and Too Much TV being my faves of the bunch.

Disposable Love is a flat-out gorefest as the world's most misogynistic husband "accidentally" kills his wife, chops her up, boils her bones, and dumps the gooey remains down the garbage disposal, all because she wouldn't get him a DAMN BEE-AH!🍺 Bring on the ghostly revenge from beyond the grave! And yeah, this dude is wayyy too into his sicko role and I kinda dig it!

Too Much TV was the other standout. Easily the most unique of the bunch as a couch potato hatin' Granny squares off with her boob-tube bewitched daughter, it's pretty great! You gotta love all the killer movie parodies – Missouri Mop Massacre! Nursing Home Revenge! Bathroom Bullies! DON'T Go In The Kitchen! And a disposable dildo commercial, cause why not? Fun, fun stuff!" - Some Dude On Letterboxd

"I am a total sucker for horror anthologies and if they're homegrown with Satan in the title and from the late '80s, YES PLEASE [on Letterboxd the year is listed as 1990, but the VHS r.i.p.l.o.l. I watched said '88]. All four segments had clever DIY special FX, great music, and were surprisingly consistent in tone & quality, which is actually rather hard to pull off in an anthology, if I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the 3rd segment: "TOO MUCH TV" but the 1st segment "DISPOSABLE LOVE" is a close second. Highly recommended to anthology/trash enthusiasts." - Some Girl On Letterboxd