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Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hell DVD
King Of The Witches

Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hell DVD

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"Bruce Lee, the man behind the concept of modern martial arts movies, is today, years and years after his death, known as a symbol of freedom, love, passion, drama and making art out of kicks, punches and brawls.

And i believe, and know, that Scott "The Man" Shaw, in a couple of years will hit the big silver screen, and become a star in the hall of fame.

This movie isn't just kick ass movie, its a expression, and will always be my favorite kung-fu movie, ever and ever.

If you liked "Enter The Dragon", "Ong Bak", "Street Fighter" and "Kill Bill", you will certainly love, and live, this movie." - IMDB


"Vomitously bad. The wooden style of Acting, ego-enriched dialog, and generic fight choreography means this is headed straight for the garbage pile.

Admittedly, seeing the title of this film, one could be forgiven for assuming it to be deliberately humorous, and worthy of sitting in the same stable as the works of Troma, and Tarantino's god awful latter work - yet this manages to lower the bar to almost subterranean levels: this film is so incredibly awful the Moorlocks would move to the 'burbs..

The redeemable part of this film is the beauteous bevy of sexually ambiguous young ladies suitably fanged (another cliché, but great to watch), and a film this bad allows one to further deter watching films created by this group of people again.

The sky is the limit - HOWEVER, considering this garbage, there was never any risk of this being further air pollution.


(AND having read OTHER comments comparing Zen's work to Bruce Lee's, seriously man, you oughta be shot!)" - IMDB