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King Of The Witches


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As Los Angeles is put on fire by the riots, the daughter of a British ambassador is kidnapped by Irish terrorists of the IRA; at this point the American authorities instruct Major Shane Alcott (Gary Daniels) to intervene in the delicate operation." - IMDB


"As far as straight to video action films go, this is superb and is worth adding to your DVD collection, particularly if you are a fan of the other titles from PM Entertainment.

If you are a fan of hard-edged action films like "The Warriors" and "Judgment Night", then you will certainly appreciate the concept of this film. It is basically an on-foot chase movie through deserted streets, punctuated by superb martial arts choreography and action scenes. You will have to be forgiving of the acting in the film, which is quite atrocious and usually commonplace in straight to video fare, but most of the performances are done "tongue in cheek" which makes for a very fun night in! Gary Daniels has never been a very good actor, but he certainly looks great and has nice charisma. But what counts in a film like this is the action and it's fantastic, although maybe a notch down from PM's best work. This is understandable though, because it is more martial arts orientated, as opposed to their usual demolition derby style films.

The martial arts are superb and there is one amazing scene where Gary Daniels single handedly takes on numerous guys on motorbikes. It is quite reminiscent of the finale of "Drive"! The stunts are breathtaking and Joseph Merhi shows off some of his best editing yet, with well-timed cuts of people smashing through panes of glass or hitting the ground violently. The explosions are fantastic and prove why PM are the best in the business for blowing shite up! Cars don't just ignite, they flip over and land dangerously next to actors.

So watch with low expectations and remember that it is very low budget and you will have a great time." - IMDB