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Red Spell, Spells Red DVD
King Of The Witches

Red Spell, Spells Red DVD

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"An evil dwarf sorcerer sealed in a stone coffin of good magicians. After many years, a television crew to the scene to investigate the legend, and happen to open the chest again …" - Letterboxd

"A perfectly fine addition to the bonkers CAT III horror canon, this is cheap and dirty, silly and gross. But consider yourself warned: I have maybe never seen such a quality and quantity of animal cruelty in a film before. The CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST turtle got off easy compared to Mr. Chicken here." - Some Dude On The Internet


Red Spell Spells Red could very well be the pinnacle of disgusting Hong Kong CAT III horror fare.

A television crew travels to Borneo to a desolate tribe in the jungle to make a documentary about an evil dwarf sorcerer who was buried there years ago. Of course they open the coffin, the sorcerer’s spirit gets released and starts a Scorpion-infested killing spree while the tribe goes mad with sacrifices of the animal and human kind.

Red Spell Spells Red has some magnificently horrifying sequences like one where a crew member gets pulled through a river by the sorcerer’s spirit and bashed against rocks and trees. It’s like Jaws on gory splatter steroids. The editor’s encounter with Voodoo celluloid that strangles and squeezes him to death is fantastic too and at one point the jungle comes alive and tries to strangle people with its vines.
But then there’s that one thing that should be appalling for everyone. Animal cruelty as far as the eye can see. If you’re sensitive about that better leave this review now. Seriously. Or just skip the next paragraph.

There’s a pig sacrificial scene that sees 4 or 5 getting their throats sliced, dozens of Scorpions the evil sorcerer summons get stomped but the by far most disgusting scene is a chicken sacrifice. Because the chicken gets eaten alive. Literally eaten alive and it still moves while its guts are hanging out. Gross or disgusting would be understatements. Holy fucking hell.

In the television crew in the jungle horror film subgenre Red Spell Spells Red is certainly a unique entry thanks to some neat and original ideas, but the amount of animal kills is really, really off putting and makes for an unpleasant watch. The Voodoo and Black Magic elements in Asian horror films are far more interesting to me personally than all those little girls with long black hair and they make for many good, creepy and suspenseful moments here. But I won’t ever recommend this to anyone. If all those ”Cannibal Something Something” films are right up your alley you’ll be able to cope with this too, but you have been warned." - Some Wimp On The Internet