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Red & Rosy DVD

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It doesn’t get much more original than this. So many cool shots of speeding cars and artsy filler bullshit. 

Red & Rosy tells the story of world renowned drag racing legend, Big Red, who finds his life spiraling out of control after a career ending accident. He retreats from the spotlight with his wife and they both get addicted to a strange adrenaline based substance that needs to be harvested from living humans. They get this substance from blood taken from people who are experiencing adrenaline rushes. 
     It doesn’t take long for Big Red’s tolerance to the adrenaline to become too high. With an unquenchable need for speed, he and some friends construct a drag racing simulation machine. Still fueled by human adrenaline. But eventually he turns into the machine and his body count skyrockets. 
     Man/machine hybrid Big Red and his wife somehow procreate, which results in a pair of second generation man/machine hybrids who are born into an addiction to adrenaline. The final act finds Big Red luring one of his wife’s ex lovers to their house to be slaughter. His wife must’ve died during child birth because she’s been reduced to a headless cadaver that serves as an incubator for the babies machine creatures that Big Red feeds a diet of beer and adrenaline to. 
     There’s really no conclusion by the end. It just ends. You’re left with a lot of questions and a weird empty feeling. 
     The film was about 50% stock footage of race cars, 20% artsy filler shots, and then 30% plot. But dude. Once the racecar creature shows up, it’s game over. My brain turned to gelatin. You don’t really get an idea of the scale of the creature in real time but I would like to imagine it being some Survival Research Labs level construction considering the fx were done by Survival Research Labs.
     It took me two watches to realize that the baby creatures were sitting inside of a dismembered torso and the Big Red creature is pouring adrenaline or beer or something down its neck for the babies to drink. Really bizarre stuff. 
     The dude who played Big Red looked like a long lost Belushi, he did a lot of tweaking and there was a lot of time spent focusing on his face so he made the best of it by making a bunch of strange faces. This made the whole thing less strenuous to sit through. There’s a segment that’s entirely his face with animated flames around it. So, as cool as it was to look at, if the dude didn’t make such interesting faces it would’ve felt sort of long. 
     I really can’t stress how impressive Red & Rosy is. The concept and plot are incredible. The creature was amazing, the characters were all interesting and the gore was minimal but still cool when it was happening. 
     This film had a similar feel to some of the 80’s cinema of transgression style films (specifically Where Evil Dwells) mixed with schlocky body Horror fx stuff. 
     Solid and worth seeking out. Frank Grow has it uploaded to YouTube currently.