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Red Eyes DVD
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Red Eyes DVD

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"This is a damn weird movie. It's basically about, let's see...
A company makes this "viewing-goggle" device that you can rent at the video store, which plays you movies. But sometimes the goggles mess up and show you fucked up scary movies, which mess with your head, causing you to kill people, etc. But when you do this, the company that makes the goggles becomes aware, and sends out a cyborg to kill you (this is where the Violent Femmes bassist comes in, playing a murderous cyborg).

The film is basically split up into about 5 short films, that the main character, who we keep coming back to, is actually watching on these goggles. Kind of like a Creepshow kinda thing, a bunch of stories within a story. Anyways, it's LOW BUDGET, GOOD, BAD, GREAT, ODD, OFFENSIVE. Enjoy." - Some Dude On The Internet

"Makes a perfect companion with Pieces of Darkness (1989) if you’re in for an incredibly low budget horror anthology fest. Wisconsin made in various backyards, backroads, local businesses and a family homes (most likely without any permission) with a video camera and some dreams brought on by severe head trauma. You’ll love it, if you’re into garbage horror flicks." - Brennan Dortch, Collection Conquered

"The overachieving plot of Red Eyes concerns the viewing apparatus in the poster— some lowlife rents a pair from a video store and watches short, amateurish horror flicks for 25 cents a pop as he goes on a kill streak. Meanwhile, a terminator-type killer attempts to track the scumbag down—
with help of a computer with a robotic voice  which says things like:

Ranking the 4 Stories:
Marine Corpse – 1/5
Sunday Drive: 1/5
The Palace Conspires – 2/5
Spirits – "That's It, Get Out. You're Walking, Bitch"/5

The ending kill is pretty cool though but the shitty grunge song that plays over the credits immediately eradicates any feelings of goodwill I had held prior to that moment." - Some Miserable Dweeb On Letterboxd