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Psychic Rose DVD
King Of The Witches

Psychic Rose DVD

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"An alienated young man is desperate to find a way to pay his bills. Financial relief arrives in the form of anonymous e-mails directing him to rape women for money, photographing the crimes as evidence of his work." - IMDB


"One of Hisayasu Sato's more carefully plotted sex melodramas, HANRA HONBAN: JOSHIDAISEI BÔKÔ-HEN (literally, FEMALE COLLEGE STUDENT ASSAULT) details the criminal activities of Ichiko (Tôru Nakane), a college student who makes some extra money from "rape contracts" sent by a computer program called Rosebud. If he is not raping women for money he is staring into his computer screen waiting for his next assignment, or visiting his girlfriend who is traumatized by nightmares of sexual assault. As he grows more detached from reality, Ichiko graduates to both rape and murder. Typical for Sato, all of this is shot in a mesmerizing style in one of his apparent hardcore efforts, which makes the violence even more disturbing. The extended final act slows things down to incorporate a subplot involving an extrasensory investigation of the assaults, a surprise ending, rather shocking public nudity and occasional "psychic photography" effects, all of which is punctuated by the usual hypnotic Sato soundtrack. If you can stomach the sickness, the movie offers a good performances by Sayoko Nakajima as a girlfriend and Sato regular Kiyomi Ito as a cheery college girl." - IMDB