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Night Vision DVD
King Of The Witches

Night Vision DVD

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"After moving to New York, a small-town writer receives a strange VCR as a gift only to find that the tape's contents of Satanic rituals and ceremonies allows him to see a series of gruesome murders committed around the city." - Some Guy On The Internet

"The plot was a plot that has been used over and over again. Small time Kansas country boy escapes the small time farm, in hopes to become the next big writer. He escapes to the big city (at first I thought it was LA, but was shocked to learn that it was filmed in Denver) they make Denver look more sleazier than New York in the 70s. He is like most protagonists very naive and he immediately tries to find work, but since he is lacking a degree he gets nowhere. He befriends a tough girl at a local VHS store and a Joe Pesci wannabe con artist." - Some Other Guy On The Internet