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Monster Heaven: Ghost Hero DVD
King Of The Witches

Monster Heaven: Ghost Hero DVD

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"A major electronics company on the verge of developing technology to create a 3D image that can be physically handled is thrown into turmoil when a murderous demon is unleashed in the headquarters office. Can the slow witted son of the company founder and a punk rock band of monsters (don’t ask) stop the evil forces before the employees are butchered?" - TMDB

"An office building is constructed on a patch of sacred land which may be home to various monsters and spirits. Things are copacetic for a few years but turmoil is just around the corner. A popular Japanese band shows up claiming to be folkloric creatures and they warn that the stone gargoyle displayed in the foyer is actually containing some sort of ancient curse. This warning is delivered to Mr. Adachi and he is also advised to keep virgin’s blood away from it and to be on the look out for a blood drinking magic sword. Mr. Adachi, the heir to the family business, is more than happy to head his department and let his deceased father’s friend run the company. On top of the day to day business it seems his family has a long history of mutual protection with the monsters of old. The return of a former Operations Manger promises to lead to nothing but trouble. The evil Mr. Kurozuka left four years back with some company secrets but now that the place is looking to break the mystery of three dimensional CGI, he wants back in. He’s not above rape, corporate espionage, theft, dog punting or murder. Said murder is what leads to virgin blood getting spilled on the curse containing stone gargoyle. Once this happens, an evil spirit is released into the halls of the high-tech building, shutting everything down and trapping a small group of folks inside. The sword ends up in the hands of Kurozuka and it transforms him into a bad ass demon. 
Looks like Mr. Adachi is going to have to accept his destiny to ensure the survival of his friends and business. Pretty wild monster mashup zips along until it’s fun climax where history and technology coexist to battle an evil which threatens to put an end to everything. Bursts of graphic violence suitably surprise but the usual overload that comes with kitchen sink storytelling rears it’s ugly head on a few occasions. It’s ambitious and slightly cheesy so I’ll give it a passing grade." - My Hero, Brennan Dortch