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Midori: The Camellia Girl DVD
King Of The Witches

Midori: The Camellia Girl DVD

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This is the live action adaptation. We also carry the anime.

“‘Midori - The Camellia Girl’ is an adaptation of "Shojo Tsubaki", a masterpiece manga comic written by a popular cult cartoonist, Suehiro Maruo. His retrospective world that is depicted in erotic, grotesque and sometimes bizarre manner has captured enthusiastic fans around the world. Film director and clothes designer, TORICO fused the modern and fashionable world with the underground world in "Shojo Tsubaki" to create Maruo's unique, kitsch world.” - IMDB

14-years-old Midori (Risa Nakamura), who doesn't have a family, is picked by the Aka Neko circus troupe. Wanda Masamitsu (Shunsuke Kazama) has supernatural powers and he joins the same circus troupe. Midori has an affinity for Wanda, but she is afraid of him. Wanda gets members of the circus troupe to follow him using his supernatural powers and even commits murder.” - asianwiki (there’s an Asian wiki…?)

“While it lacks the raw DIY attitude of the 1992 original, it's still a faithful retelling with minor alterations. For example, in this version, Midori is eventually allowed to become an actress but although it was a good idea in theory to expand on that aspect, those scenes felt like padding for a 90-minute runtime.
I guess either because they were on a limited budget or simply held back by the live-action format, the gore and overall cruelty was noticeably lacking. Nonetheless, I'm glad they incorporated some practical effects along the cheesy CGI. But where this film truly shines is in the visual design and fashion. It's incredibly stylistic with the attention to detail in sets and colors. There are even some throwbacks to the original with new animated segments.
One thing that was distracting was how inconsistent, though most likely intentionally, the 1880's setting got depicted. Seeing cars, TVs, lamps, graffiti and people wearing modern clothing like hoodies felt out-of-place in contrast to the old-time appearance of the main characters.
Nitpicking aside, or perhaps because I'm somewhat biased, I still enjoyed this thoroughly, especially thanks to the casting. Risa Nakamura was a perfect choice for Midori and I hope she will appear in more films in the future.“ - Some Dude On Letterboxd

”Visually intense, colorful and eye appeasing, Midori took me down a spiral of vulgar despair and spit me back out in some ridiculously cute mind fuck of a place. I loved the little details, the perfect outfits and the overall uncomfortable feeling this film brought from start to finish. Although I was not familiar with the original manga, I can't wait to add it to my collection. If you enjoy cerebral, imaginative Japanese films and don't have a weak stomach, this film is for you! The plot is kind of loose and sometimes the story is up and down, but overall the visuals make up for this, to me.” - Some Other Person On Letterboxd