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Lone Wolf DVD
King Of The Witches

Lone Wolf DVD

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"A struggling rock band and other college students cope with the usual trials and tribulations of their young lives, such as determining what exactly is behind the recent full-moon killings which have been attributed to wild dogs." - IMDB

"The Colorado town of Fairview is plagued with a vicious string of wild dog attacks.The dogs are mutilating humans,especially around Fairview School.No one has actually seen these wild dogs, but there are also reports of a large wolf walking on its hind legs...Who is the werewolf? This is one of the many cheesy horror flicks from late 80's.Admittedly the make up effects and a few gore scenes are decent,so if you like rubbery transformation sequences you shall enjoy this crappy flick.The utterly terrible music is credited to the awful 'heavy metal' band called Tyxe.Overall,"Lone Wolf" sucks massively and is only recommended for non-discriminating fans of grade-Z horror trash." - Some Guy On The Internet