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Limited Edition Documentary Six Pack
Limited Edition Documentary Six Pack
Limited Edition Documentary Six Pack
Limited Edition Documentary Six Pack
King Of The Witches

Limited Edition Documentary Six Pack

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I’m only going to make ten of these sets. They were commissioned.

Disc One:

Marjoe (1972)

Marjoe Gortner set the standard for child ministers... But he grew up to be a wild animal of an evangelist that based his entire schtick on the rock stars of the ‘70’s. and he was a big piece of shit...

Being Different (1976)

A portrait of several people born with severe birth defects and how they have adapted to their handicaps. Good early documentary on disabled people. 

Disc Two:

One Year In A Life Of Crime (1989)

This gritty documentary unflinchingly depicts the lives of the down and out. The camera follows Robert, Mike, and Freddy, three professional criminals from Newark, NJ, for twelve months. It records their shoplifting excursions to the suburbs, the gloom and cruelty of their domestic lives, and their tangles with the law. While the program illustrates the daily and nightly struggles of individual criminals, it does not take a narrow view of their predicament. Its painful portraits of wasted lives prompts views to consider he broad social causes which underlie criminality and reassess the remedies in which our society places its faith.

Life Of Crime 2 (1998)

This Emmy-winning work, a sequel to the award-winning One Year in a Life of Crime, probes the devastating cycle of urban unemployment, crime, drugs, and incarceration. It follows two men and one woman from the time they are released from prison onto the streets of Newark, NJ with no job skills and no legal source of income. The program charts their slide back into shoplifting and shooting up, the deterioration of their own lives and the damage they inflict on their children. It exposes the brutal reality of crime and drug addiction while also contesting stereotypical explanations and mythic solutions.

Story Of A Junkie (1985) 

great little film that shows up many of its larger-budget peers with its realistic depiction of drugs in New York City. We follow Gringo as he skates his way through the nightmarish drug dens that he calls home, all the time letting the viewer deeper into the mental and physical hell of his life.

Disc Three:

Frankie (1995[?])

A documentary about Frank Di Capo, a Canton, Ohio man who was born with the rare genetic condition Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome. The symptoms of Lesch-Nyhan include violence, swearing, and self-mutilation by biting.

Titicut Follies (1967)

Titicut Follies portrays the existence of occupants of Bridgewater, some of them catatonic, holed up in unlit cells, only periodically washed down with a hose and taken out in order to receive force feeding. It also portrays the indifference and bullying on the part of the institution's staff.

Multi-Handicapped (1986)

The primary mission of the Helen Keller School is to meet the needs of deaf and/or blind children, some of whom also have other disabilities. This 1986 Frederick Wiseman documentary takes a tour of the Helen Keller School, showing the daily routines of multi-handicapped and sensory impaired students, including personal hygiene, mobility training, concepts of time and money, self-help and independent living, dorm life, recreation, sports, vocational training, and psychological counseling.

Disc Four:

The Naked Bunyip (1970)

A shy young man is hired by an ad agency to conduct a survey on sex in Australia. The somewhat clueless young man investigates homosexuality, transvestites, prostitution, and strip clubs along with every other variant on the "norm". While doing his interviews he meets celebrities, self proclaimed sex experts, prostitutes, female impersonators, pop stars, actors, and legislators as well as self appointed morals guardians.

Notes On Love (1989)

Poet-filmmaker Jørgen Leth taps his own earliest inspirational veins by free-floating through a camera/microscope-enhanced set of poems with love as their first and final subject. For example, how a tropical island woman prepares for a meeting with her lover. The film was shot partly in the South Pacific with more than a nod to social anthropoliogist B. Malinowski's historical work The Sexual Life of Savages.

Girl (1975)

It is quite revealing how complex the simple form is. Shot one to one, a girl is confronted with nothing more than her thoughts. In the period of watching her (while she is looking at you) her expressions and movements turn into a ‘mirror’ for the viewer to experience his or herself. The experience is solely emotive between you and her, and occurs in “real” time.