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Korean Terminator DVD
King Of The Witches

Korean Terminator DVD

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"This one is true rare and F** Up Ripoff of TERMINATOR. The story is actually very easy to follow despite the lack of subs. But if you're a serious fan of CHEAP/KOREAN FILMS/GUNS/RIP-OFF/LOW BUDGET/FUNNY/TRASH/TERMINATOR, this one is for you! So jump on my MMUC upload of the week." - Some Dude On The Internet

"Absolutely dire comedy about a gang of hoodlums who steal some technology and are chased by a shitty cop and a robot dressed like The Terminator because they... well look, I'll be honest: the VHS copy I watched didn't have subtitles and I had no idea what the hell was going on. I only watched it because it has Terminator in the title, and while there is a kind of Terminator in it, he doesn't do anything fun. You can sometimes find this movie on YouTube, but it's really not worth it." - Some Dude On Letterboxd