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Interrogation DVD
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Interrogation DVD

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"So riveting was this film that I have never forgotten it. Within the first couple of minutes, the film establishes that Tonia is a young pretty blonde---she is a wife and mother but doesn't seem to take this role too seriously--who is apolitical (risky in Communist Poland) and mostly out to have a good time. Without warning or reason, the film plunges her into a Kafkaesque nightmare of arrest, interrogation, conviction and imprisonment. She loses her youth, her health, everything but her own inner resources, and as the outside world forgets her, she develops dignity and a will to survive. Still worth seeing, despite the collapse of the government under which it was made, as a character portrait and a study of man's inhumanity to (wo)man. There are places on Earth where this still goes on, and they are not so far away as we'd like to think." - IMDB



"This is must see viewing as a masterpiece of the political prisoner or torture film genre. Or for those curious about recent Eastern European history. It is also among the top films made by Poland, which turned more high quality cinema than any other country from the former Eastern block.

As the title implies, what we see here is a (forced) confession in Stalinist Poland. After a one-night stand with a military officer, a cabaret singer is imprisoned by the secret police, without ever being informed of her alleged crime. For the next five years, she is subjected to harrowing torture and harassment, which she doggedly withstands in a struggle to maintain her dignity and sanity.

The film was executive produced by Polish living legend A. Wajda, and produced through the sate-run film studio during a period of relative liberalism in Poland. But, then came martial law after the Solidarity Movement gained worldwide attention.

Thus, upon its completion in 1982, "Interrogation" was banned by the Polish government for being "inflammatory and dangerous". Years later, the director managed to smuggle a copy of his film out of the country. It soon-after opened at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival, garnering a Best Actress Award for Kristina Janda for her stunning performance. Ms. Janda is a fixture in Polish films since the late 70s to the late 90s. She can be seen in most politically oriented Polish films of the 80s.

An another interesting feature is seeing A. Holland in a major acting role. She went on to become one of the top female directors in all of Europe (and North America) in the 90s, with high profile films in French, German and English.

This film is a gem, and it is available world wide in video. In the US and in Brazil, the film is available at many mainstream stores I've visited in the foreign section. You'll recognize it by the label across its cover stating- BANNED FOR EIGHT YEARS. As commercial as this might first appear (a la "banned in Boston!), after you see the film, you will understand why it would be have banned at all cost by any totalitarian regime. The film is a shocker!" - IMDB