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Hong Kong Criminal Archive: Female Butcher DVD
King Of The Witches

Hong Kong Criminal Archive: Female Butcher DVD

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"Slick but impersonal TV movie, shot on video, with Simon Yam as real life early-80’s “jars killer” Lam Kor-wan, a night shift taxi driver who dismembers prostitutes by day in his family’s tiny Tsim Sha Tsui apartment without arousing suspicion, at least until he delivers a roll of film containing pictures of his latest trophy to a local photography shop for developing! Remade as DR. LAMB (again with Simon Yam)." - TMDB

"Female Butcher is a fairly stylish made-for-television movie about a gruesome true crime case. Director Kuk Kok-Leung effectively utilizes some creative editing choices and a jazzy score (as well as some excellent licensed music choices)." - Blair Hoyle, Long Time Customer, Good Time Bud.