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Hong Kong Butcher DVD
King Of The Witches

Hong Kong Butcher DVD

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"Based on the life of Hong Kong serial killer Lam Kor-wan. He was arrested in 1982 after murdering four women." - TMDB

"Hong Kong true crime sleaze. One can sense the smell of gutter coming from the screen. For the depraved CATIII connoisseurs. IMDb credits Jeffrey Lau directing this (his name isn't in the credits) suggesting an alternative history where he ends up with Billy Tang career (who filmed the same serial killer exploits on Dr Lamb with a better budget but same taste) instead of Stephen Chow's best collaborator/WKW producer." - Some Dude On Letterboxd

"Happy to discover Hong Kong had its own take on the 80s popular aimless serial killer POV flick, complete with wall-to-wall tape hiss and a churning synth drone that sounds like your couch has been relocated inside the belly of a large beast. I wish I could say it’s all very Maniac-inspired, but it has way more in common with scuzzy garbage like Don’t Answer the Phone or Murderlust. Objectively terrible but a balm for my soul right now." - Some Other Dude On Letterboxd