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Her Vengeance DVD
King Of The Witches

Her Vengeance DVD

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"Wong plays an unassuming nightclub employee in Macao who alienates a gang of drunken men (led by Shing Fui-on). They tail her after her shift, and mount a gang assault. She attempts to enlist the aid of her former brother-in-law (Lam) – an ex-triad now confined to a wheelchair." - TMDB

"Kit-Ying works at a nightclub which unfortunately puts her in the sights of five drunken and repulsive pieces of shit (of course, Fui-On Shing is there) after she gets them removed for acting like the garbage humans they are. They follow her on her walk home and drag her into a nearby cemetery, where they beat the shit out of her and take turns raping her. She later discovers that one of the group have given her a particularly nasty venereal disease.... so nasty her doctor flips out on her and sends her fleeing in a panic. The shit piled high, she decides vengeance is all that she wants. She goes to see her badass ex-triad and wheelchair bound uncle (legendary Ching-Ying Lam) who attempts to talk her out of her quest and hires her in at his club. She works and even starts getting chummy with a young reporter but a chance encounter with one of the shit stains on the street gets things moving down a violent path. Closure seems to be approaching with each corpse but tragedy may come right along with it. It’s all taken pretty serious for the majority of the runtime (considering it’s a late 80s HK flick) but it gets blessedly goofy as it hits the homestretch. Ngai Choi Lam (the brilliant brain behind Peacock King, Riki-Oh and The Seventh Curse) practices some restraint but doesn’t lessen the impact with his addition to the rape/revenge genre. A solid cast, wheelchair skills, righteous violence and some beautifully composed scenes bring it all together." - Big Daddy, Brennan Dortch

"Unbeatable in all the ways that count." - Some Dude On Letterboxd