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Heaven's Gate Recruitment  DVD Set
King Of The Witches

Heaven's Gate Recruitment DVD Set

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This three disc set is sourced directly from copies of original materials acquired by us from the last members of Heaven's Gate.

The material on the discs isn't meant to be exploitive. We cover a lot of true crime/real world stuff, and sometimes our descriptions of things can be abrasive. One thing to keep in mind while watching these videos is that these people are members of families. They're fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, you get it. They were lost, and without direction things can be confusing when you're mentally ill. They still have grieving family members, it's a miserable thing in general. There are still people who care about this, Heaven's Gate, there are still members, and that is the only reason I was able to obtain the tapes from which these are sourced.


Disc 1: "Last Chance To Evacuate Earth Before It Is Recycled" - 9/29/96

"Planet About To Be Recycled - Your Only Chance To Survive - Leave With Us" - 10/5/96

Disc 2: "Students Of Heaven's Gate Expressing Their Thoughts Before Exit" - 3/21/97

Disc 3: " Do's Final Exit"