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Heaven Is Only In Hell: The Wim Vink/Vim Wink Collection DVD Set
King Of The Witches

Heaven Is Only In Hell: The Wim Vink/Vim Wink Collection DVD Set

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Heaven Is Only In Hell 

Probably Vink’s most well known film, and only true feature length title.

”As long as humanity exists, there's a desire for eternal life. Many religions promise to give that, but all they offer are only empty promises. Only "The Dark Forces" really offer the opportunity to get eternal life. "The Dark Forces" will help you. Go and find the old well with the witch-mark. Find a victim. The victim must die an extremely violent death in the house the well is in. Bring a blood-sacrifice to the well, blood, lots of blood. Descend into the well and on the other side of it you will become, with the help from "The Dark Forces" an eternal heavenly life. Don't hesitate, just come!” - TMDB

”Have you ever felt like you’re just walking in a circle and there’s no visible sign to let you know that you’re not making any forward momentum? Have you ever felt like you’re just walking in a circle and there’s no visible sign to let you know that you’re not making any forward momentum? Have you ever felt like you’re just walking in a circle and there’s no visible sign to let you know that you’re not making any forward momentum? Have you ever felt like you’re just walking in a circle and there’s no visible sign to let you know that you’re not making any forward momentum? We’re in Hell.” - The Merits Of Sin/Collection Conquered, Brennan Dortch

“Most reviews of this film are pretty poetic (no really), so I'll bring things down to a more base level. I enjoyed the opening prologue (very well done and subtle, and a way it reminded me of The Witch (2016)), but then a whole lot of padding goes on, but this superfluous footage will still appeal to those in search of the other: people riding bikes, walking or taking public transportation rather then driving cars, gratuitous (I've been reading about movies with gratuitous something or other for the last 35 years, and I still don't know how to spell gratuitous, not even close enough for spell check, but google helps) aerobic workouts (post 1988), Denmark night life, cat reaction shots, repeated scenes/dialog, patio shoes (which were also fashionable (I hope) for men at the time in the US) and an aerobics routine during the final 12 minutes. The lack of dialog and the overall mundanity is somewhat hypnotizing, and the ending does pay off. So was the final action BRUTAL enough to satisfy the devil or the viewer? The question remains.” - Good Old Smellington



”This very early horror short fan film by Wim Vink, shot on 8mm on a very low budget, has lots of fog, some zombies and bloody mayhem to offer, as most of his works do. It uses prominent music by Goblin, from other composers too and it´s his only one that was made in original Dutch language. The idea of plot wafts around a book that may have the power to call up the flesh loving undead, inspired by "Evil Dead" and the work by George Romero.” - TMDB

“Another Wim Vink short has surfaced, instead of a box, this Pandora has a book and it releases zombies! Unlike other Vink productions (Heaven is Only in Hell, Dance Macabre, and Half Past Midnight) that have graced the US, the language here is Dutch, and Pandora has plenty of dialog (and some padding), and I got a bit drowsy. However, the zombies are the gut munching variety, and everyone loves hearing borrowed Exorcist Tubular Bells again and when you need more Wim Vink in your life, you need more Wim Vink even if it’s in Dutch.” - Follow Smellington on Letterboxd

”The (goblin-esque?) synth music is great, especially in the first half, though some music choices felt out of place. The slightly jarring editing was quite fun to experience, and I think emphasises the film's low-budget, spiritual-occult atmosphere. The earthy hues and large swathes of shadow and fog make each shot look like an aged oil painting, especially with the slight colour distortion and dark halos around the lights. My favourite scene was the zombies' feast, which was presented without music, putting more focus on the eating sounds and makeup. Enjoyed this short. Worth a watch.” - Someone Else On Letterboxd

”Go and find the old well with the witch-mark.
Dutch SOV auteur Wim Vink's sole feature. Camcorder pseudo-verite of two ordinary lives gets derailed by the mantra-like repetitions of a directive from the past and a hole in the cellar, which begin to exert a certain pull for the viewer as well. Why the same words over and over? Could I recite them from memory now? Is a film a spell? These things are not deeply cinematic and somehow the more ordinary sequences -- train rides and bike rides, shabby offices, overlit bar pickups -- feel all the more deeply unsettled and magnetic than the expected horrors to come. Particularly as the basement synth rock scoring is, if not quite Half-Past Midnight caliber, still up to the high Vink expectation -- including a couple very unglossy aerobics numbers. Original Heaven Is Only in Hell theme by star Angelique Vink! I'm not sure if I can appropriately explain why this repetitious and relatively uneventful 77 minutes is worth watching to those not already somewhat on board, but if you know, you know.

Only the dark forces really offer the opportunity to get eternal life in heaven. The dark forces will help you.“ - Another Guy On Letterboxd

Dance Macabre

”Horror fan short by director Wim Vink, that works with just a little dialogue and mostly with eerie atmosphere, set in a small Dutch town. A bit of Argento, mainly by using some of Goblin´s music as well as some Fabio Frizzi compositions, mixed with a bit of Romero´s undead, this is about some cult who unleash an evil spirit that starts attacking people, in the shape of zombie-like creatures, when it all turns out to end as a weird version of the beginning from Dawn Of The Dead.” - TMDB

”You know Emily (the blind girl) from Fulci’s The Beyond, yes truly one the most iconic horror imagery of all time. Wouldn’t it be awesome if she had a knife, and she went around stabbing random folks in the face turning them into zombies? Hell yeah, and who else should take care of zombies, but that swat team from Romero’s Dawn of the Dead! Wim Vink cribs from the masters in this horror short. A grave is defiled, a horse and buggy transport the fully decayed corpse to be revived via necromancy rites involving human sacrifice. The music score pulsates action forward to its doom laden finale. The music is awesome especially if you love Goblin’s score from Suspiria” - Smellington On Letterboxd Again

”Dance Macabre is exactly what I needed from life today. 22+ minutes of Downer robo-disco haze, Satanic blood sacrifice, apartment slashening, 19th Century-style grave robbery, Dutch SWAT team zombie panic! My soul actually feels better. Thanks Wim Vink!!! Hail Lucifer! Hail Satan!” - Someone With An Ignorant Ass Name On Letterboxd

”A modest but very serious Dutch blood ritual unleashes a new wave demon. Plot is murky and general enough that it could be anything (a satanist cult film, a vampire film, a zombie film?), and the music cues are lifted from everywhere, but it has a kind gentle familiarity. Feels like it could have been edited-down-from / a-pitch-for a feature.” - Another Dude ON Letterboxd

Half Past Midnight

This is one of Wim Vink's earliest movies about a girl who gets bullied at school by her fellow classmates and after gets her revenge by killing them one by one in an extremely gruesome and bloody way.” - TMDB

”I haven't been this enamored by a soundtrack since Der Fan. The music is so good that the movie feels secondary to it. I liked it so much, I let it play a second time to organize some tapes while I listened. This is my first Wim Wink movie, happy to be here.” - Queen Scumbalina On Letterboxd, Follow Her

”The teen bullies in this movie are so bad that they KILL the girl they're bullying THREE TIMES! This is somewhere between a movie you'd order from an ad in an underground metal fanzine and a low budget made for TV movie. There are classrooms, hospitals, a stunt involving a large vehicle, a fancy restaurant, all things that require some production skills. But, then it's filmed on what looks like 8 or 16mm and is loaded with gore and a super-simple story. It's only half an hour, so you absolutely need to watch it.” - Klon Waldrip, 

“This is the second time I’ve watched this 30 minute Dutch SOV gore film and it is even better the second time. Debbie has a rough day. She gets bullied by her classmates, raped by her teacher, blinded by an aresol can, hit by a truck, and has poison injected into her eye. She dies, comes back to life, and gets sweet, bloody revenge. For a 32 minute low-quality film, this really lacks in a lot of fun for fans of this kind of stuff. Bodies hacked with an axe. Bodies chainsawed until guts spill onto the floor. Chest stabbing. Knife through the neck. The whole thing has an Evil Dead vibe. Awesome music too.“ - Cham Ferguson