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Health Warning: Flash Future Kung Fu DVD
King Of The Witches

Health Warning: Flash Future Kung Fu DVD

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"Imagine an old-school martial arts melodrama about competing fighting schools dropped into the grungy sci-fi world of Blade Runner, and you have an idea of the curious mix of styles in Flash Future Kung Fu. Eddy Ko is the maverick star pupil of an honorable school who secretly engages in underground “Black Boxing” bouts, a black market sport off limits to the school. The ambitious X-Gang, a bloodthirsty neo-Nazi-like organization, plots to take care of Ko and his friends and take over the city with their army of mind-controlled zombie soldiers. In true Hong Kong fashion, it boils down to a showdown of champions, and this one takes place in a boxing ring in an eerily empty warehouse with video coverage broadcasting the event all over." - TMDB

"Unreal and unlike anything I've ever seen, but very much my kind of movie experience. Mood over mind. Like someone put an old dubbed kung fu VHS tape in a blender and set it to cyberPUNK." - Some Dude On Letterboxd

"Hallucinatory, psychedelic cyberpunk. I'm in love with the visual aesthetic of this movie. It only seems to exist in a dubbed, severely cropped VHS rip. The dubbing is hilariously bad, the picture quality is awful, but it actually gives the whole movie a vibe that's intoxicating. It feels like vaporwave." - Some Other Dude On Letterboxd