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Grim Prairie Tales DVD
King Of The Witches

Grim Prairie Tales DVD

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"Two travelers, one a well to do young clark on the way to a reunion with his wife, the other a scruffy, feral bounty hunter meet at sundown on a lonely prairie and agree to swap stories around the campfire." - IMDB

“Bordering on surreal, it was absolutely hilarious/bizarre seeing James Earl Jones in a weave with yellow-stained teeth, talking mad shit to Brad Dourif around a campfire while a dead body is slumped over his horse. This was the wraparound segment and it was pretty great stuff!!

The other segments were all western-horror related but dull in comparison to the powerhouse performances of Dourif and Jones in the wraparound.

One of the segments has a must-see reverse birthing/orgasm scene, it isn't the least bit gory.

Grim Prairie Tales would have been nothing without Jones and Dourif in the wraparound, this is worth watching just for the two of them alone.” - Some Woman On Letterboxd

”Amazing poster art segues into maybe the world's greatest anthology frame story. James Earl Jones and Brad Dourif bickering, bantering, butting-heads, trying to out-scare each other with a series of shared-tales and scary-stories, and even diving a bit into the narratology of story telling (Dourif grilling Jones on perceived embellishes in the first story told made my heart flutter a bit) completely steals the show. I could and would watch a few more movies of them swapping stories, even if the stories continued to be of middling quality.

 'Middling' feels, intuitively, a bit harsh a descriptor — I overall liked how they were almost deconstructions of western tropes and stories, with Wayne Coe later talking about how he and others working on the movie saw it more of a feminist-western than western-horror, and in generally really bizarre. I really liked the second and fourth stories, with the un-birth and the gnarly fucking bullet animation respectively. That all said the stories for the most part struggle to keep attention throughout, and 'moderately intellectually stimulating but overall dull' isn't the best place to be, even more so when Jones & Dourif are back around the campfire waiting for the viewer to return.” - Some Dude On Letterboxd