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King Of The Witches


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"Hillary and Bonnie meet one morning by the side of the road. They become fast friends, share their secrets, and on a rising wave of frenzy later that afternoon, murder an old woman. They did it, they say later, for fun." - IMDB

”I'm fascinated by people who would live relatively normal lives, except they happen to meet another person who works as a catalyst, destroying both of their lives, and often the lives of others.

These poisonous friendships make for terrifying stories. This one does a good job showing the complexity of the girls and their relationship. Since this is based on a play, everything comes across a bit overdramatic, but the performances pull you in. I also enjoyed the way the plot is constructed, drawing out the big questions.

Alicia Witt, who I remember as the daughter on Cybil, and Renée Humphrey, who played Trish the Dish in Mallrats, do an excellent job carrying the film.

Reminded me of Freeway (1996). I haven't seen Don't Deliver Us From Evil () or Heavenly Creatures () yet, but they should prove similar.

If you enjoy these edgy '90s indies, this one is practically a time capsule. It's not a strong recommend, but if the premise hooks you, it's probably worth a watch.” - Some Dude On Letterboxd

”Innocence, happiness and murder!

Fun is a fantastic indie flick, based on a real murder case, about two girls who are brought together by fate and spend one day magical day together. This day will be the best day of both the girls lives, but will also bring out a dark side to these girls, and will resort in them killing for fun!

I have to say with is one of my favourite 'teenager', 'rebellion' sort of movies. It has a lovable charm of innocence which persists through out, and it draws you into the lives of these two troubled girls rebelling from society, and trying to find their true self.

Although made afterwards, this movie is very similar in tone to Harmony Korine's 'Spring Breakers', equally a film about a group of girls journey from an innocent beginning to a morally ambiguous finale.

I IMPLORE you to give this underrated gem a chance, and buy or at least rent it at the directors website (plus, you will get an Associate Producer credit at the end of his up coming movie!). Get this film known! Give it the credit it deserves! And remember, have fun :)“ - Someone On Letterboxd