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Eternal Evil Of Asia DVD
King Of The Witches

Eternal Evil Of Asia DVD

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"Eternal Evil of Asia (1995) was a bizarre film filled with a lot of sex and violence. It was part of the category III craze that made producers a lot of money. The films were cheap to make and a lot of them were cranked out to make as much money as they can before 1997 arrived. Because they knew when Hong Kong was handed back to China, there would be a few changes made in what kind of films they could produce. While the genre lasted for five years, it was a great time for category III fans.

The movie is about the battle between white and black magic. A group of friends go to Thailand and fool around with a local girl. They do something real bad to her. The girl's brother vows to make their lives a living hell and any one around them. How much trouble can a three guys get on holiday? If you want to find out and experience some of the most wildness fun you'll ever see on video then you need to grab a copy of ETERNAL EVIL OF ASIA! Stars Ben Ng, Lily Cheung and category III stalwart Elvis Tsui." - Some Dude On The Internet


"A fun-filled trip to Thailand turns out to be a deadly one for four best friends when they accidentally killed the sister of a local sorcerer. When one of them mysteriously died upon returning the remaining trio discovers that a curse has been cast upon them. They must turn to a Thai magician for help." - TMDB


"One of those bizarre CAT-III films from Hong Kong, the plot of this horror/sex/comedy is hard to describe, and doing so would probably spoil half of the fun. Suffice it to say that if you're in the mood for inexplicable Chinese/Thai mythology, bizarre transformations, strangely explosive violence, and freaky sex scenes, this movie should deliver for you. Likely best very late at night." - Sean Byron,


"Cat III delivers again. A guy turned into a literal dick head, a girl giving a BJ to an invisible, astrally projecting wizard, mid-air copulation and a man eating his own arm.

TEEoA tells the story of a group of bozos who are picked off one by one having been cursed when they gang banged and accidentally murdered a sorcerer's sister while on holiday in Thailand. This much I gathered as the movie gradually started to make some kind of sense following a blistering first 10 minutes where I was just trying to keep up with the hilarious stream of gobbledygook provided by the subs, which I'm sure called someone a 'dump-bell' at one point.

Sleazy as hell batshit black magic jam from the director of such choice cuts as Fruit Is Swelling, The 33D Invader and Sex & Chopsticks 2. It doesn't quite reach Shaw Bros heights of mental, but it's not a million miles away." - Some Dude On The Internet