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Eccentric Psycho Cinema 7 Film Set
King Of The Witches

Eccentric Psycho Cinema 7 Film Set

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Set Includes: 


1. Bottled Vulva: Bank Teller Noriko

"After having tortured and sexually assaulted bank teller Noriko Kamimura, psychotic vulvectomizer Takeshi removes and bottles her vulva as a souvenir." - IMDB

"Ultra-bizarre and sick as hell bondage series focusing more on women abducted by the sadistic sexual psycho and the strange bondage torments they're forced to endure at his whim.Somewhat creepy in his appearance and mannerisms, the abductor likes to toy with his hostages and leads them to believe they have a chance to escape him--most often as he's taking a nap--but they find out the hard way he was just playing another game with them and setting them up for a trap--nasty endings!"Eccentric Psycho Cinema" features women being chained up, beaten and sexually mutilated by a crazed male psychopath.If you are a fan of depraved and very sick Japanese bondage stuff you can't miss this piece of abnormal filth." - Some Guy On IMDB

"In the tradition of sick jpn. Videos like guinea pig and nikkatsu sm films comes this ultra depraved new series from 2001 featuring women being chained up, beaten, and then sexually mutilated by a crazed male psychopath the females clitoris is then kept as a souvenir yes, its carved out and removed with a huge knife in graphic detail its then put in a jar to be preserved next to the other ones hes kept gross, bloody, and sick as hell, this is one jpn. Video you wont soon forget." - Horror News Dot Net

2. Bottled Vulva: Kindergarten Teacher Kyoko

"Even more from this shocking and gross series from japan the same psycho goes about finding more women victims (and vaginas) to add to his rising collection he chains them up, tortures them, whips them, then does his thing he even violates this woman with a wine bottle surprisingly, There’s a minimal of optical censoring on these videos, and you can see right thru what is there, so its not a problem." - Horror News Dot Net

3. Bottled Vulva: "Student” Yuriko

"Yet another in this grotesque japan. Sm torture series, this time we have a different guy psycho torturing a kidnapped airline stewardess (this dudes a real nut, too), in various sadistic and vile ways. He even uses a toy airplane to torment her with he finally takes a box cutter and rams it full force between her legs, blood spraying her chest and stomach in a sickeningly bloody scene you then get to see the geek holding the cut off vagina in his hands in gory detail need I say more." - Horror News Dot Net


Unfortunately there's not much info about entries 4-7. They are part of their own series. Where 1-3 are the Bottled Vulva series, these are the Female Body series. 


4. Female Body Collection: Female Teacher Mika

"Here's the 4th. in the series of depraved "mutilation" videos for your viewing pleasure! Plenty of heavy bondage/S/M and other wild stuff happens here, too!!" - Some Dude That Sucks At Writing Synopsis 

5. Female Body Collection: Stewardess Risa

"Even MORE Japanese depravity! A young schoolgirl is tied up and subjected to various torments by her psychotic captor. Bizarre and brutal!" - I Genuinely Hate This Guys Mini Reviews

6. Female Body Collection: "Student” Mina

"Yet ANOTHER in this ultra-sick series! Another kidnapped schoolgirl is abused, tortured, and mutilated by a deranged sickie! Really graphic and bloody stuff here!" - The Worst Person To Type Reviews Ever

7. Dog Woman

"A crazed pet-store owner grabs female customers and keeps them in chains, treating them like animals for his amusement! Heavy humiliations, beatings, some gore, etc." - Some Dude On The Internet



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