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Diary Of A Serial Killer DVD
King Of The Witches

Diary Of A Serial Killer DVD

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"Unable to satisfy his sexual desires with his wife, Biu regularly visits prostitutes, ties up  and tortures them in various ways before killing them." - IMDB

"This is like a CAT III version of the classic sick flick Maniac (1980) but as depressing and mean-spirited as another classic Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986): unable to satisfy his sexual desires with his wife, Bill regularly visits prostitutes. Afterwards, he ties up and tortures them in various ways before killing them. Bill believes that if they die, they will be reincarnated and have a better life. He murders over a dozen people. One day, a young woman named Jade comes to stay with Bill’s family. He falls in love with her but is afraid that he will kill her, so he makes her leave. Jade has nowhere to go and starts working as a prostitute. When Bill finds Jade doing this, he has sex with her and gets her pregnant." - TMDB

"Yes. This is what I want from a CAT III movie: sleaze, violence, and unadulterated stupidity. Otto Chan's Diary of a Serial Killer delivers on every front. We follow a prototypical CAT III psycho, the oddly named Bill (Kwok-Pong Chan). Bill is about as goofy as serial killers get. He breaks into giggling fits, likes to play "hide and seek" with his victims (the game they actually play is in no way hide and seek), turning corpses into puppets (which he, of course, fucks), and playing hilarious pranks on cops like dipping a pickled severed breast into their drinks when they're not looking. Haha! Oh Bill! Bill has an awesome wife who supports him by slaving away in a field all day. But Bill is so sex-obsessed that even his wife's oily hand-service can't stop him murdering hookers and picking lady-pubes off soap to paste in his creepy serial killer diary. Diary of a Serial Killer is pure filth... a kind of amoral trash that could only exist in Hong Kong within a very specific time frame. It's utterly braindead and obnoxious with the thinnest of nonsense plots. In other words, it's great." - Some Dude On Letterboxd