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Devil Fetus DVD
King Of The Witches

Devil Fetus DVD

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"After a couple purchases an antique vase at a market, the woman is possessed and killed by a demonic creature. Twelve years later, the demon returns to possess the woman’s nephew and wreak more havoc." - TMDB

"I am not stating anything new here. If you have the patience, then the end is your reward. I would say the same thing about Jigoku or Viy. If you don't have the patience then you may enjoy House (77), The Boxer's Omen, or Zu:Warriors from the Magic Mountain." - A Man Called BZ, On Letterboxd

"Demented Hong Kong madness follows the unfortunate circumstances that curse an undeserving family to death and tragedy. A young woman buys a phallic jade vase at auction and sure as shit it contains an evil force within. Her husband returns from a trip to Japan and finds her fornicating with some monstrosity. He destroys the vase and has his face stricken with pestilence for his troubles. The rest of family comes to see what all the commotion is about and when he sees himself in the mirror he rips off some skin to reveal worms squirming beneath. As one would, he immediately jumps out the window to his death. Grief hits the home but the malevolent force isn’t finished and young wife joins her husband after a surprise cat attack leads to a nasty fall. The priest leading the funeral rites has a vision of the dead woman being pregnant with some ungodly monster and performs a ritual to hold back the evil. If twelve years pass and the memorial for the dead couple is not messed with, the crisis should be averted. Yeah....guess what happens. Nearly twelve years pass and the shit hits the fan when the eldest nephew and his aunts god daughter go to pick up grandma and the young lady fucks with the shrine. Evil escapes, eventually possesses the younger nephew and does away with a few humans that get in its way. A dead dog, eaten innards, masturbation, an above average HK exorcism and a ridiculous climatic battle with the white haired fiend makes for one hell of a final act. There’s a slight drag but by the time the end credits hit, you’ll be too busy lifting your jaw from the floor. Some nasty fun." - Dark Lord Brennan Dortch

"A lot of what you want from your Cat III spookfest: goopy body horror, hilariously bad laser effects, and a central character called Uncle Fuk (other characters' cries of "Uncle Fuk!" never got old). It drags a bit in places as is often the way with these kind of things, but when it's on song, it's fucking magic! From the moment a guy returns home to find his wife shagging a jade statue transformed into some sort of swamp monster, tries to intervene, but gets his face melted off in an eruption of purple sludge and maggots before defenestrating himself, you know this thing means business. I was laughing pretty hard at a lot of it; too much WTFery to mention but the dog burial possession scene is up there. Throw in some killer synth stylings, and a final showdown for the ages with multiple, incrementally less impressive regenerating heads, and you've got yourself a primo slab of Cat III weirdness.

I didn't like seeing the eagle go though. While I'd prefer to think it was some splendidly realized fx, something tells me it was for real and I can't condone slaughtering such a magnificent beast for the sake of your art, however gorgeously deranged it is." - Some Dude On letterbox