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Cyclops DVD
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Cyclops DVD

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"A bizarre medical exam of a nude woman by several doctors and scientists reveal that their latest subject has committed suicide before giving birth to one of the mutant creatures they had placed within her body. So, an investigative crew of scientists (along with a large human mutant cyclops creature) head out to the city streets to obtain a new donor/victim in the form of a young girl. Gore and Z-Grade mayhem ensue." - IMDB

"It’s a lot like Society, except I don’t have subtitles to understand what the first 2/3rds are about. But the climax is a rip-roaring whirlwind of copious amounts of slime, body morphing, maggot fetuses, surprise limbs, and more than enough tentacles for a dozen different hentais.

Supremely wet and gross just how I like them." - Some Dude On Letterboxd

"One of a number of VHS biopunk releases that were popular in 80s Japan, along with Biotherapy, Death Powder, Conton, etc. What ‘biopunk’ means in this case becomes clear once you realize that the name of the title does not refer to the mythological cyclops but to a real-life condition, cyclopia, in which the eyes fail to divide during gestation. Hence bio. But the plot, in which a man born with cyclopia develops psychic powers and transforms into an infectious lump of mutant flesh...that’s where the punk suffix comes in.

Unfortunately, as much as I researched I could not find a copy of Cyclops with anything other than auto-generated subtitles. But there’s droll  enjoyment in the combination of bizarre gore and bad translation, like when the words ‘Baby recommended’ appear as the cyclops uses his third, bloodier arm to choke a man to death. In any case, I don’t know that I would understand the madness any more if the subtitles were accurate, or even if I spoke fluent Japanese. 

Most of the budget is saved for the last ten minutes, a fountain of gore and pulsing organic masses which often resemble the assimilation sequences Rob Bottin designed for The Thing. That’s not to say the preceding 40 minutes aren’t interesting: the compositions have an angular charm, the editing is frenzied but effective, and the soundtrack thuds appropriately with industrial ambience and heavy synth riffs. Director George Iida already demonstrates a talent in Cyclops that is far in excess of its primitive production, and after producing a minor cult hit, Battle Heater, Iida would go on to helm the Ringu sequel in 1998." - Some Other Dude On Letterboxd