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Concrete Encased High School Girl Murder Case DVD
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Concrete Encased High School Girl Murder Case DVD

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"Based on the infamous “Concrete-encased high school girl murder case” that took place from November 1988 to January 1989 in Japan. Junko Furuta, a female 17 year old high school student, was kidnapped and confined in a house by four other male high school students (all juvenile) in the Ayase district of Adachi-ku, Tokyo, where she was repeatedly raped, sexually humiliated and tortured in an extremely brutish manner for 41 days before she finally died after a particularly severe beating. The boys hid her body in a drum and filled it with concrete, but the body was nonetheless discovered a few months later." - TMDB

"This movie is based on the real-life brutal torture of Junko Furuta who was held captive for 40 (!) days before she eventually died from sustained injuries. I'm sure most people know the story but if you don't, read at your own risk...

This story has haunted me since I read about it - insane that an exploitation movie was made about this devastating event less than 6 years after it happened... but that's exploitation cinema for ya. Kinda impossible to find (I purchased a bootleg), probably for good reason. This is grisly, nihilistic, grimy shit. Makes you feel terrible, pure, gross, feel-bad vibes.

Surprisingly dialogue-heavy - there's a narration that runs through that I'd assume is supposed to be a detective or someone who's explaining the ins-and-outs of the case which of course added nothing for me since I don't speak Japanese, but it makes it feel like one of those true crime ID channel shows at times, except, if ID channel showed explicit torture and rape and since my mom watches ID religiously I'm gonna guess it doesn't.

The majority of the torture is not super explicit but the aftermath shown as cuts, bruises, burned flesh, and how weak and pale Junko becomes throughout is gruesome enough.

Not gonna rate. Don't know what to say about this - for the morbidly curious, I guess, but man wish there were subtitles (feel like I missed a lot here). Either way, it feels like exploitation for exploitation-sake." - Some Girl On Letterboxd


"I'm not sure if calling Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case a meanspirited and sleazy exploitation film is all that fair given that it seems to be a fairly accurate portrayal of the real-life crime, but it's not exactly a pleasant viewing experience." - Blair Hoyle

"I gotta admit that I went in expecting an exploitative gorish reenactment of the worst parts of this criminal case (justifiably so) but I was pleasantly surprised to find most of the screentime devoted to an inquiry into the events as they took place, which is really what I was looking for in the first place: not a look into the motive (since no sane person could come up with any way to give these crimes a reason) but a way to understand how could all these things even take place... almost a self-complicit kidnapping (initially), then no escape attempts, then no interest or actions from the family, no involvement from the school authorities, from the police, from the people living in the same house, from the parents of the torturers, from the people who knew what was going on, or even at the very least and as a last resort from any of the participants, be it out of remorse, pity, fear of consequences or what have you... 

I still can't understand what actually happened and probably never will, or how all the criminals got out of jail and are walking the streets —and perhaps the questioning is purposeless and this can only be filed along with the thousands upon thousands of horrible acts humans have inflicted upon their kindred and other living beings and will go unpunished forever.
Anyway, decent production values, decent acting, and the concrete encasement scene was even sadly, tastefully executed, so I gather that the decidedly negative reviews stem from the case and not from the production itself."


For what it's worth, I like this one a lot.