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Cannibal Mercenary Redux DVD
King Of The Witches

Cannibal Mercenary Redux DVD

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This is the composite version of Cannibal Mercenary. 

“A Thai veteran of the Vietnam War and all around master of combat leads a group of men on a daring mission into the jungles of Vietnam to topple a dangerous drug lord and his cannibal army.” - IMDB

Pure and straight exploitation madness  I don't know anything about Hong Lu Wong, only that he is from Thailand and directed one weird movie: Cannibal Mercenary. Set in the Jungle, this is an action/war movie, with elements of Rambo and Cannibal Holocaust. The plot is just an excuse for all kind of tortures, and violent scenes. This is low budget but it manages to be effective and repulsive. The music score is great, yes, but only because they shamelessly use the Goblin tune of Dawn of The Dead(that was also used in some Matei zombie movie). That adds more cult value to this movie, i really liked a lot. I also found that its possible that Schnaass took some ideas from here to Violent Sh t 3, all the final segment is exactly the same premise.” - Some Dude On The Internet

A tough ex-soldier, together with his small band of vicious mercenaries, embarks on a dangerous jungle mission and comes face to face with a nasty drug runner and his cannibalistic cohorts.

If you dig the whole jungle horror/cannibal genre, then Jungle Killers (AKA Cannibal Mercenary AKA Mercenary) should prove entertaining enough to be worth a go. Seemingly inspired by the Italian cannibal flicks of the 70s and early 80s, this little seen and fairly gruesome Thai exploitationer is full of gross-out gore and silly action scenes that need to be seen to be believed.

The first hour of the film is rather uneventful, with only the occasional booby trap and poorly executed battle scene to liven things up; however, the latter half, in which our plucky heroes are captured by the bad guy and submitted to all manner of horrific torture (including a juicy 'chisel/mallet/skull' moment), helps to compensate somewhat. With graphic eye-gouging, limb-chopping and wound-spurting, gore-hounds get what they want in the end.

That is providing that they have the uncut version of the film.

The first copy of this rarity that I laid my hands on, entitled The Jaguar Project, was shorn of not only the gorier moments, but also quite a bit of plot (which explained why the main character accepted the mission in the first place). There was also some inexplicable hokum about three Western guys searching for a valuable Buddha statue; these additional scenes were incredibly poor and totally out of place with the rest of the movie.

Realising that this cut was obviously missing the 'good' bits I had read about, I tracked down a longer version which, whilst not exactly brilliant, at least provided me with the sleaze I had been expecting (and also cut out the dreadful Buddha subplot).

If you like your entertainment a little more on the obscure and bizarre side, then track down Jungle Killers for a bit of a laugh. And don't forget to look out for my favourite moment, when a particularly freaky looking guy gets his kicks from urinating on a captured bloke's face!” - Some Bloke On The Internet

”A special forces Sergeant named Wilson is sent into the Viet Nam jungle to find and hunt down an army of bloodthirsty cannibals headed by a demented war criminal."Cannibal Mercenary" is one hell of a brutal and gory flick.The acting is quite convincing and the film offers plenty of war images including numerous shoot-outs and explosions.The actor who plays a broken anti-hero Wilson is especially good.The camera work is awesome and the gore is absolutely brutal.For example there are decapitations,throat slashings,castrations and lots of ultra-violent torture on display.The scene where one man is buried up to his neck and his unprotected head is cracked open with hammer and chisel has to be seen to be believed.Overall,"Cannibal Mercenary" is a very nasty Thai exploitation flick that should especially satisfy fans of Italian cannibal flicks.If you are not easily offended,give this gruesome shocker a look. 8 out of 10.” - Internet Movie Fan Guy

What if Herschell Gordon Lewis directed an Asian war film?

Was APOCALYPSE NOW or THE DEER HUNTER a big hit in Thailand? Add some really bad English dubbing and lots of kung-fu movie sound effects and you've got this adventure-horror hybrid. It's a horrors-of-war exploitation film that takes the violence inherent in warfare to absurd extremes. Besides the usual bullet hits and sharp-spiked jungle booby traps you get limb chopping, decapitation, penis stabbing, eye gouging and a spike to the head followed by brain eating (hence the title). One hungry guy even eats the maggots off of a decomposing corpse! Blood flows and spurts to such ridiculous lengths that it's hard not to laugh at the cartoonish brutality on view here. The video box says: SO REALISTIC -- THIS FILM MAKES "PLATOON" LOOK LIKE A FAMILY OUTING! I can't argue with hype like that!” - Some Other Dude On The Internet