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BURRP!!! / Mas Carnaza Double Feature DVD
King Of The Witches

BURRP!!! / Mas Carnaza Double Feature DVD

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”Wooo. This was some shit. Super mean spirited, packed with gore. Had a Goblin era Todd Sheets feel to it, if you stripped down the plot and threw in some “comedic relief.” There was a close up of a butthole taking a dump and there was a shot of a straight razor cutting a dick off. So that kind of gives you an idea of how far this one was willing to go. For something shot on video from Spain in the 90’s, the fx ranged from using dead animals for eye removal close ups to pretty okay prosthetic stuff. The story was basically loose futuristic zombie outbreak crap, nothing too ground breaking, they tried though. But you could tell the story wasn’t important when they were making this fucker. I really can’t stress how bad ass this was. It really was a mix between Evil Dead, Gummo, and Goblin, to me at least. It had a dirty feel to it. The soundtrack ranged from weird noise stuff to something that sounded like Brujeria. Check it out!” - Your Humble Narrator, When He Was Enthusiastic About Films

”If you like to ask yourself what is wrong with you or what the fucking hell did you just watch; This is the perfect movie for you.” - Some Dude On Letterboxd 


Más Carnaza

A psychopath escapes from prison and goes on a rampage, torturing and murdering former acquaintances.” - IMDB

”I don't expect much from movies like this .. give me some nudity, some gore and I'm happy. 
I don't even care about the low budget, bad actors, terrible score and awful dialogues. 
But this movie don't give me anything to enjoy …” - Some Weiner On Letterboxd


(Cover subject to change. Will work on adding more of Blasco’s films.)