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Buried In The Sand DVD
King Of The Witches

Buried In The Sand DVD

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More iceberg stuff. 

"A Grim Political Realism

Exclusive, Uncensored Footage of Atrocities Gives Rare Insight Why America Had ‘Moral Obligation’ to Invade Iraq. After viewing this DVD, Americans will soon have a far better understanding of why it was the United States’ unavoidable obligation to invade Iraq.

Buried in the Sand: The Deception of America takes an unflinching look at the atrocities at Abu Ghurayb prison in Iraq and across this sand-blown country. Never-before-seen footage obtained from American military personnel, Islamic extremists and other sources put a face – the face of someone’s parent, spouse, sibling or child – on the suffering, death and betrayal suffered by an entire society.

Buried in the Sand: The Deception of America is hosted by Mark Taylor, a 25-year radio veteran and nationally known political commentator who has been a frequent guest on such prominent and influential shows as The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity & Colmes and Politically Incorrect, as well as on MSNBC and CNN news broadcasts."