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Born To Raise Hell DVD
King Of The Witches

Born To Raise Hell DVD

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This is the grandaddy of them all. It defined a generation of brutality. A genuinely mean spirited film. If you guys can watch a bunch of freak shit where peoples heads get blown to fuck, you can watch some dudes beating the piss out of each other...


"A production so brilliant that it continues to to serve as the basis of modern S&M videos. Val Martin stars as the brutal psychopathic sadist whose sexual energy is a riveting, relentless, and jaw-dropping experience for his unwilling victims and viewers. The incredible timing of non-stop action -- every scene more surprising than the last -- builds up to the plot when the sadist meets a young rather naive subject and takes him for a ride on his motorcycle to the sadist's private hell. As Val excuses himself, he leaves the young man with a stack of curious reading material, the haunting music that plays while the young man pages through a magazine depicting men in bondage, wearing gas masks, and black leather. The young man jumps when Val Martin returns to the room dressed in head to toe leather. Accompanied by another man, they subdue the young man and put him through a series of torturous, humiliating, and degrading abuses in a dungeon where other subjects are kept and tormented. The screams and painful moans are blood-curdling. You could see this video hundreds of times and never be board finding something different. If you can get it any price, it is a steal. If you are a gay man who gets off on psychopathic sexually violent fantasies that really bleed, and have a choice between owning a copy of Born to Raise Hell or everything else that was ever produced in gay S&M, my advice would be to forgo all the others and snatch the copy of BTRH. You won't regret it! The final scene is a surrealistic surprise... (Sigh) Take me back to the days of realism, those days before Ronald Reagan clouded the world with apathy and dementia." 

- Some Dude On IMDB