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Barn Of The Blood Llama DVD
King Of The Witches

Barn Of The Blood Llama DVD

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This is real high brow, classy horror.

"Inbred hillbillies trap various passersby at their World o Wool llama farm where an animal coroner is conducting genetic experiments which turn the animals into sex-starved toxic beasts. A new look at bad animal husbandry."

"Saw it years ago, found a link and decided to watch it a few seconds with a couple of classmates to see just how bad it was. 

It was like watching a car wreck in slow motion. We couldn't look away. This movie couldn't get anything right, not even color." - Some Dude Who Is No Fun To Watch Movies With, On Letterboxd

"Incest. Decapitation. Bestiality. Animal shaped coffins. Llamas. Oh man, this insane flick has it all! Yes, deep down in whack-a-doodle Texas, there is a magical place called the World O’ Wool, where Gibby and his brother Jug make a living (somecow) from their herd of llamas, with a bit of help from the crazy, even-toned Doc Albert, who is trying to find the secret of Day-glo wool (and who isn’t?). But our woolly pals have udder things in mind, especially when a gaggle of menstruating females from the Greasy Squeeze pops up, and they go all bloody crazy, and start to spit toxic cud (as you do) and murdering everyone in sight (or at least their mangy puppet stand-ins do).

The result, as you might expect, is something truly horrific! Its a moovie that dares ask the question: Does everything in Texas spit toxic cud? Well, we all know the answer to that…

Just a batshit crazy, weird, and genuinely fun moovie - check it out, if you can git yer hooves on a copy!" - Some Dude on Letterboxd