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Angel Of Darkness DVD
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Angel Of Darkness DVD

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"You're all lustful beasts. You're just slaves to sex. Don't deny it!"

"Teenage girls from Mitomo's Women's College prostitute themselves to adult johns who pass by for spending cash that will afford them luxurious jewelry and clothes! What these girls don't realize is that a custodial professor has a beast which lurks within, surfacing when aroused or excited! By the beast I mean slimy phallic tentacles that "tickle the fancy" of victims, providing them with the ultimate pleasure("Don't worry, Eiko & Ryoko died in ecstasy.")before leaving them dead. It's mentioned at the end as Tojo, whose eyes are black and soulless, his humanity gone, is molesting Miyoko, that he'll "suck the sex right out of you." Alllllrighty then!

Something right out of Cronenberg territory, director Mitsunori Hattori's Angel of Darkness deals with monstrous sexual organs that kill. Rather humorous in it's candidness about sex and what can come from it, the value of putting out and turning tricks, particularly if you are young, with an appealing vitality. Such willingness to offer yourself for cash comes with a price as seen in this film. It's depravity I'm certain will polarize many who enter, especially it's provocative(..to put it mildly)subject matter and bluntness regarding sexual activity..how older men are easily propositioned by these pretty young things wanting nice accessories and wardrobes. Miki, the most casual in her prostitution and it's benefits, you know is doomed to pay for her immorality. She practically celebrates her after hours activities! Noriko is the virginal friend of Miki's, a modest, unassuming girl who doesn't approve of her behavior and voices concerns, especially since their school pals are winding up dead.

Mr. Tojo is the professor afflicted with the tentacles, receiving headaches, chest pains, and black-outs before they slither into the crotches of the victims, caressing their bodies before ultimately suffocating them. Nurse Miyoko is Tojo's girlfriend, recognizing that something is wrong with him. Athletics professor, Mr. Takahashi, also begins noticing Tojo's strange behavioral shifts, and begins questioning whether he might be the killer after confessions of physical ailments(..not to mention, Tojo was on his way to rescue the girls soon found dead from selling their bodies)throw up red flags.

As the film progresses, Tojo, who seems quite humane and sincere regarding the girls in his class, grows more and more psychotic and devious. I gotta say that when you see this icky thing methodically moving between the legs of a girl, more times than not helpless to defend herself against it due to this orgasmic frenzy it causes, it's shocking stuff..or at least to me.

What should give viewers the creeps is that the tentacles have a mouth and teeth, and it is later established that Mr Tojo might've been taken over by a demon. Interesting question is raised, I think..is the ultimate pleasure worth dying for?!" - IMDB